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ornamentIf you are looking for an idyllic retreat that stands out from the crowd, then let your dreams come true and lavish your friends and family with a stay in one of our Shela homes, all four with spacious interiors styled in a blend of European and African design.

Bembea House charms the visitor straightaway with its impressive hallway and its location very close to the endless Shela beach stretch. Jaha House famed for its idyllic pool, is a masterpiece for elegance. Habibti House has a wonderful and unique rooftop that invites to relax while savoring the tranquility of this intimite hideaway. Fishbone House with its closeness to the local town life and its bohemian chic, captures the spirit of the surroundings. This house is particularly appealing to guests with a limited budget.

inside Bambea House

Bembea House

Bedrooms: 2 double
Bathrooms: 2
Persons: 2 – 4

Features: Roof terrace, european style kitchen, spacious dining area
Price range: € 150 – 300 per night

inside Jaha House

Jaha House

Bedrooms: 4 double
Bathrooms: 4
Persons: 2 – 8

Features: Swimming pool, gourmet kitchen, open terrace with sunbeds
Price range: € 200 – 400 per night

inside Habibti House

Habibti House

Bedrooms: 5 double
Bathrooms: 5
Persons: 2 – 10

Features: Courtyard, loggia, rooftop with magnificent view
Price range: € 180 – 400 per night

inside Fishbone House

Fishbone House

Bedrooms: 4 double
Bathrooms: 4
Persons: 2 – 8

Features: Outdoor dining with stunning courtyard, rooftop lounging
Price range: € 150 – 300 per night